Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal is just one of the services that I provide to my clients in Pelham, AL, Pinson, all of metro Birmingham and central Alabama. I am the owner of 212 Pressure and Steam Cleaning LLC. A clean building is more appealing to clients, neighbors, and employees. No one wants to enter a building caked with mold, graffiti, and dirt. It's just not a good look for a business. I can help. My exterior steam cleaning will quickly make dirt disappear.

Steam is a wonderful cleaning agent. Whether it's used inside or out, it's a great choice. Steam cleans without the need for harsh chemicals, so you're not putting anything dangerous into the ground. It's quick, the dirt just seems to melt away. Steam kills bacteria. When we steam clean the kitchen or cafeteria, you can be sure that it's been disinfected as well. Steam not only removes mold, it even kills it. Steam is an amazing degreaser. If your parking lot has grease stains, we can clean them and make the area clean and oil-free. Trash bin or dumpster areas are often unpleasant, but when we're done with them, you won't mind going near the area.

Commercial building exterior cleaning helps keep the workplace germ and dirt free. Take a good look at the cafeteria area. If you see grease, dust, and dirt caked on, it's time to call for commercial building exterior cleaning. Fans, countertops and more will be shiny when we finish.

We take cleaning seriously, and over 20 years of experience in this field has taught us a lot. When it comes to knowledge and skill, this experience has put us ahead of the pack. We have a well-respected reputation within the community and we work to keep that reputation. Call us to get a price for your job.

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