Deck Cleaning

Call 212 Pressure and Steam Cleaning LLC for all your deck cleaning needs in Birmingham, AL, Gardendale, Pelham, and all of metro Birmingham and central Alabama. Our company has two decades of experience in the cleaning service industry.

There are several benefits that come along with our professional deck cleaning. One of the biggest benefits maybe my experience. I have the knowhow to get the job done thoroughly and safely. While power washing is a very effective way to clean many surfaces, it can also be damaging. In the wrong hands, a power washing job can result in damage to the surfaces that are being cleaned.

Efficiency. Pressure washing is a quick way to clean many surfaces. A job that may take several hours to do any other way may only take an hour with the pressure washer. Finally, I have the right tools and equipment. Power washing is not a one size fits all process. Different tools, nozzles, and settings are needed, depending on the job. I am able to look at the surface and immediately determine what I should use.

Many business sidewalks and walkways run into the problem of gum being left on them. It is unsightly, and clients coming in will likely find it disgusting. Gum will be a thing of the past when we come along to provide gum removal. When we handle your gum removal, it means more than just taking up the gum, we also get the stains out that are often left behind. I leave your sidewalks and walkways pristine, they will look like new.

Take a look at the outside of your property. Do you see disposed of gum, graffiti, or a dirty building? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to call me. I can help your business be seen in its best light.

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